COMRA and PAG Signed Contract of 6000m's ROV & LARS

In December 2017, COMRA and PAG signed the purchasing contract of 6000m's ROV & LARS system, after the technical conference held in Hangzhou China, which is the first purchasing order for the ROV system of 6000m depth in China. The conference lasted for three days, and with the following members attending, leaders and operators of COMRA, designers from CWI and MARIC, professors from Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, experts from SPERRE AS (Norway) and SH GROUP (Denmark) and engineers of PAG. During the conference, the conferees discussed the function, technology and operation for the system and equipment in-depth, and got great achievement.

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China Ocean Mineral Resource R & D Association (COMRA), which is the purchaser in this project, came into existence on 9th Apr., 1990, authorized by the State Council. Its aim is to open up the new resource by undertaking the activities of exploration and exploitation in the seabed, to accelerate formation and development of the ocean high and new technology industry, to safeguard our equity to develop the international seabed resource and make a great contribution on human development of the international seabed resource. COMRA For a high-quality fulfillment of obligations, COMRA has developed a series of deep sea survey equipments to deliver a more efficient survey. Deep sea survey equipments, represented by HOV "JIAOLONG", AUV "Qianlong 1" and ROV "Sea Dragon", do an excellent job in resource and environmental survey. This time, 6000m's ROV & LARS, which will be equipped for the newly built scientific vessel, will play a great role in the following research.

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PAG Offshore Engineering Co., LTD (PAG), which is the supplier in this project, was established in 2008, and entered into the subsea market in 2014. PAG provides technical support, program design, project management, for the deep-sea scientific research, petroleum exploration, submarine mineral exploration, subsea gas hydrate, meanwhile we are expert for the submarine equipment development and subsea equipment rental. PAG insists the service concept of high standard quality, safety, environmental protection and serving customers, which becomes the core value behind the PAG all business.

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It is a milestone for PAG in the field of exploiting the deep-sea research and market for subsea equipments to sign the contract of 6000M ROV & LARS. PAG will become one of the strong partners of COMRA through excellent technology capacity and professional serving attitude. At the same time, we will provide better products and service for all the customers with the experience deriving from this successful cooperation.