PAG Company Profile

PAG commenced its business in 2008, initially named United Marine Equipment (HK) Co., Limited, mainly engaged in providing marine and offshore equipment & consulting services. In 2010 renamed PAG Oilfield Engineering Co., Limited. Since then, our business expanded in the area of marine engineering equipment and services. In 2014 PAG entered into the subsea marketing, providing technical support, program design, project management for the deep-sea scientific research, petroleum exploration, submarine mineral exploration, submarine gas hydrate; meanwhile we are service provider for subsea tool development, subsea equipment rental. In recent years, PAG is in co-operation with Enhanced Drilling (Norway), NeoDrill (Norway), STL (UK) and Sperre (Norway) for subsea products.

PAG Focus on Oil & Gas Industries:

PAG is technical-orient company which is specialized into be Oilfield, Offshore and Subsea products, Service and Solutions.

History of PAG Company:

Core Value:

Drilling products and service company for Oil & Gas Idustry.

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PAG objective brings the green, clean and economic energy and technology to out clients.