Stab Plate Couplers Range
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Detailed Information

Intervention 1/4" Bore Hydraulic Coupler                                                                                                                        STL Logo 300 223 x 80.jpg

Our Intervention hydraulic couplers are available as both vented and checked, and both pressure balanced and non-pressure 

balanced. The pressure balanced couplers require more insertion force to engage the couplers than the non-pressure 

balanced variety, but have no pressure end load effect, enabling the stab plate structure to be lighter weight than with the 

non-pressure balanced variety. The elastomeric sealing couplers are suitable for use in both subsea and surface applications 

where regular mating and de-mating is required, such as stab plates on deck jumpers, subsea workover umbilicals, subsea 

controls jumpers, coupler plates within workover well intervention systems and similar shorter term hydraulic and chemical 

interface requirements.

Our Intervention hydraulic couplers are rated to 10,000psi working pressure.