SLIC™ Connector Family
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Detailed Information

Multi-purpose Connector                                                                                                                                                   STL Logo 300 223 x 80.jpg

The revolutionary SLIC™ introduces improved safety, increased reliability, ease of maintenance and redundancy into the riser 

connector. The unique design provides a "plug-and-play" configurability for offshore operations where multiple options, 

reliable hardware and redundancy are the key to low cost operations and satisfied customers. The SLIC™ uniquely introduces 

the option to extend the lubricator of a Riserless Intervention System introducing the ability to recover dropped wireline 

toolstrings from the same vessel using the same Riserless Intervention System - a capability never previously possible.

Rated to 10,000psi hydraulic bore pressure and 5,000psi hydraulic function pressure, the SLIC™ will interface with a variety of 

tooling including the STL Slickline Pressure Control Head (PCH), the STL E-Line PCH, the STL Test and Lift Tool, the STL Pump-

In Tee and the unique full bore STL Riser Extension Tool.

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The SLIC™ is a connector which can be applied to a wide variety of connection applications, whether in Riserless Subsea Well 

Intervention, riser well intervention, rigid and flexible risers, drilling or well abandonment, for example. The cartridge style 

design of the SLIC male connector allows flexibility in configuration depending on the application and the task in hand. The 

cartridge design also allows third parties (under license) to develop their own cartridges for other purposes and applications. 

Additionally, the SLIC™ Connector is available as both non-pre-loaded and pre-loaded variants, dependent on the desired 


The SLIC™ connector is hydraulically operated, ensuring safe and reliable remote operation, but includes an ROV or manually 

operated secondary lock to prevent accidental release of the connector when under pressure. The SLIC™ is designed for ease 

of operation and maintenance. It includes a chemical injection facility and independent seal test facility allowing the primary 

wellbore seals to be tested without having to fill the bore with fluid. The connector has been designed with ease of 

maintenance in mind, so the locking mechanism consists of five dogs, independently driven by five hydraulic pistons. The 

dogs and pistons are externally mounted, above the primary wellbore seal, so in the event of damage or a component failure 

it literally takes minutes to replace the dog and piston assembly without affecting the wellbore seal envelope. In addition, the 

primary wellbore seal is carried in a component which is independent of the main structural housing. This means that, in the 

unlikely event of the main seal surface becoming damaged, the wellbore seal can be replaced without having to strip down or 

replace the entire connector

The SLIC™ - hardworking, adaptable, reliable, easily fixable - what more could you ask for?