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Detailed Information

2" Bore Hydraulically Retractable Coupler                                                                                                                       STL Logo 300 223 x 80.jpg

The 2" Coupler is a unique hydraulically retractable coupler creating remote engage and disengage functionality. It reduces 

the reliance on ROVs subsea, creates new opportunities for remote emergency release system designs, and allows people to 

be removed from stab plate engagement functions on surface. It also allows heavy duty engagement of subsea equipment to 

be separated from the comparatively delicate engagement of control system interfaces.

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Extremely robust and designed for constant heavy duty operations, the coupler operates on very small fluid volumes to 

ensure rapid movement. It is specifically designed to cope with solids laden fluids such as drilling muds and well effluents.

Rated to 10,000psi hydraulic bore pressure and 5,000psi hydraulic function pressure, the 2” hydraulic coupler is pressure 

balanced in both the extended and the retracted positions, ensuring that the coupler will remain in position in the event of 

hydraulic operating system failure. Additionally, it is possible to pressure test to full system working pressure against the 

retracted coupler without the need for an additional test cap.

When retracted, the coupler stinger is flush with the coupler plate, preventing dirt ingress and preventing external impact on 

the retracted coupler from damaging the seals.

The coupler is fully Lloyds design verified and qualified to 3,000m (10,000ft) water depth, rated to 10,000psi hydraulic bore 

pressure and 5,000psi hydraulic function pressure. It has also completed a full API 6A P-V PR-2 temperature cycle qualification 

test programme. It can be used on subsea wellhead connectors, riser connectors, emergency disconnect packages, quick 

release stab plates and emergency disconnect points. This coupler is used in the STL Xtreme Release (XR) Connector to 

provide unique robust operation and functionality.