Twin Dog (TD) Connector Family
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Detailed Information

TD ROV (TDR) Hot Stab                                                                                                                                                                  STL Logo 300 223 x 80.jpg

The TDR Connector is a high flow ROV hot stab rated to 10,000psi working pressure, designed to overcome most of the 

limitations of the common API 17H hot stabs.

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Common established hot stab designs have the seals on the exposed external surface of the male. This makes the seals 

extremely vulnerable to damage both during handling on surface and also during engagement subsea. Careful handling is 

often not sufficient to prevent damage, especially in marginal operational conditions subsea.

The standard API 17H female interface provides an ROV pilot with a small target to aim for, and when this is combined with a 

lack of depth perception due to the limitations of cameras and a 2D screen, murky water and strong currents, it’s no surprise 

that it can take many hours of effort to get a stab engaged. What’s worse is that having finally succeeded in getting it 

engaged, the stab can fail to pressure test because in the hours of effort that went in to engaging the stab, the seals have got 

damaged, and now it has to be recovered for redress – and then it has to be done all over again!

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By contrast, the TDR Connector offers a large target area, more than 50% larger than the stab itself. The female receptacle has 

reducing internal dimensions, so the male is progressively guided and aligned as the male enters the female. In addition, the 

seals are hidden and protected within the tip of the male, with the result that they cannot be damaged, however much the 

male is bashed around. This means that the TDR can save hours of rig time because of the ease of engagement, and even 

more time because of the confidence and reliability of the seals.

Surely it’s time to update your subsea system to the leading high flow stabs in the industry?