Helideck Lighting System
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Detailed Information

Helideck Lighting and Equipment

In our factory based in the Netherlands, we have been successfully designing and developing, Airfield, Heliport, Helideck, 

Portable and Solar supported Lighting and Equipment since 1968.

All Products comply with international recognised standards and quality management is maintained in accordance with 

ISO 9001.

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Circle-H Lighting

- Circle-H lighting very low profile < 24 mm

- Both on deck cable ducting or deck penetration with underdeck cabling

- Special anti slip coating

- No heavy steel base plates required, direct deck mounting with smooth round bolt heads to avoid tyre puncture

- All lights can be controlled with one controller system.

- LED light source, expected lifetime > 75.000 hours

- Advice and guidance during the preinstallation process

- Supervision during installation.

- Machined from high quality Marine grade aluminium

- Borosilicate glass lenses for best long term optics and resistance against Guano

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- Flexible design. Segments can consist of 4,6,8,10 or even more light elements

- Compliancies: CAP 437, ICAO Annex 14, IMO/MODU

- Suitable for ATEX Zone 2 and safe area

- Two intensity settings , standard and bright setting, tamper proof

- Cable ducting Excellent chemical, temperature and aging resistant characteristics

- Mandatory supervision on installation

- Segments and subsections are sealed for life

- Letter H subsections are made in ready made complete H Leg parts for quick and easy installation

- Local secondary control panel available as an option

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HA-OSFX L12 Floodlight

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HA-OSH 11 LED Perimeter Light

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HA-SLS Status Light

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HA-80 RG EX Windsock Assembly

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