Helicopter Refueling System
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Detailed Information

Offshore Helicopter Refueling Systems                                                                                                                           STL Logo 300 223 x 74.jpg

We are specialised in providing engineered helicopter refueling solutions for the offshore and maritime industry. We offer 

products ranging from standardised to fully customised solutions. Our systems are in complete compliance with the relevant 

international legislation, class society and client requirements.

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We have an extensive track record, and specialize in equipment operating in challenging environments with high salt laden, 

harsh weather conditions and increasingly stringent legislation.

As an engineering company we take pride in providing high quality and reliable refueling solutions through innovative 

engineering. We aim to provide you with safe solutions which can be customized to your requirements.

Our refueling solutions include the following basic skid designs, which can be fully tailored to any requirements. All of our 

systems are in full compliance with CAP 437 and CAP 748.

- Transportable tanks

- Static storage tanks

- Tank laydown skids

- Jettison platforms

- Dispenser skids

- Walk-in type dispensers according to NORSOK

- Double-deck fuel storage skids

Tank Laydown Skid

Our tank laydown skid is designed to store the transportable tanks and protect them against fire with a deluge system with 

spray nozzles. This skid is manufactured of mild steel and of all continuous welded construction in order to form a rugged 


The skid will be equipped with a drip tray over complete area, 4 lifting lugs, buffer frame and deluge line.

The top section of the buffer frame is chamfered, which assists the crane driver during handling of the tanks. Moreover, this 

chamfered top section protects the deluge line

Storage Tanks

The storage tanks can be either mounted on the skid or installed separately. Often used volume of a jetfuel storage tank is 

approximately 3.000 liters, however every other required volume is possible. Tanks are manufactured from stainless steel.

Storage tanks will be foreseen with connections for: inlet, outlet, vent, relief, drain, dipstick, manhole, inspection hole and 


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The helicopter refuelling system can be supplied with a single pump, or two pumps in parallel, one in operation and one in 

stand-by mode.

Pump type used is Sliding Vane, according API-676. Capacity of the pumps to customer requirements or to local regulations.

Filter / Water Separators

Filter / water separators guarantee the required purity of aviation fuels. Separation of solid particles by filter / water separator 

avoids blockage in the fuel distribution system, and prevents premature wear in control and regulation equipment.

Filter / water separators remedy two water related problems by drying aviation fuels. They reduce corrosion and growth of 

microbes, bacteria, algue and slimes, which occur in the presence of water.

Filter Monitors

Filter monitors retain finest solid particles and absorb free and emulsified water, even if surfactants and fuel additives are 

present in the fuel.

They also interrupt the flow in case of a water slug. It is thus ensured that the helicopters are only refueled with clean and dry 


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Hose Reels

The complete system includes for a hose reel, which can be operated in one of the following manners: Manual, Electric driven, 

Pneumatic driven.

Earth Prover System

To prevent that the explosive air-gas mixture will ignite during the refuelling process, we include for an earth prover system.

This system has two control functions:

The connection line between the helicopter and the earth is controlled for resistance, and therefore a neutralisation of existing, 

or during the refuelling process arising charges to the earth is guaranteed.

Moreover, the instrument controls the regular use of the earthing line because the helicopter is classified during the pinching 

of the earthing clip.

Sample Recovery System

As a result of more stringent environmental regulations we offer the possibility to include for a sample recovery system. The 

kerosene used for sampling will be stored in a small storage tank.

When a certain level is reached, the kerosene will be pumped back through the filter separator into the storage tank. This 

system prevents spillage of kerosene caused by taking samples from the helifuel unit.

Third Party Approvals

We have a DNV type approval in place and experience with among others the following class societies.



- Lloyds



- Bureau Veritas

Luxury Yacht Helicopter Refueling Systems

In the world of superyachts, increasingly exotic and prestigious designs are being introduced that are equipped with the 

comfort and luxury of tenders and other recreational water toys. Today, a small speedboat, jet ski or a helicopter deck have 

become standard features on board superyachts. All require clean on-board refueling to enable enjoyment without limitations.

DGI Sypack is specialised in the design and manufacturing of tailor made refuelling systems for petrol, diesel and helicopter 

refueling for the yachting industry.

We have used our 15 years of experience in the offshore helicopter refueling industry to develop a range of refueling 

solutions. Nowadays we provide petrol, diesel and helicopter refueling systems which can be outfitted with custom made fuel 

tanks, pumps and dispenser-skids. With over 250 systems in operation, we have supplied to all of the major players in the 

industry. This justifies our position as a preferred supplier for this specialised equipment.

We focus on reducing the equipment footprint and on board integration whilst minimising any compromise on ergonomics 

and reliability. To achieve this we rely on our innovativeness and high quality components with proven performance in the 

offshore industry.

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System Functionalities

We offer systems with a wide range of functionalities, such as refueling, defueling, bunkering, recycling (short and whole loop),

 sample reclaiming etc. to ensure the quality of your fuel.

Our solutions comply with industry standards such as the Large Yacht Code (LY2 & LY3) and the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC), 

and include safety features from offshore standards such as CAP 437. This ensures design approvals with at least the following 

Class Societies:



- Lloyd's



- Bureau Veritas