Offshore Tank Cleaning
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  • MFG: PAG

Detailed Information


The PAG OTCS is a fully enclosed powerful portable Offshore Tank Cleaning system, which is used on Production Platforms 

and Oil Rigs, where the requirements for fast, reliable and cost effective operations are in focus. The Pump Unit is using a 

Liquid Ring Pumping system in vacuum mode. 


- Reducing Rig Shut Down Time 

- Large capacity and small footprint for flexible location of equipment 

- Can move debris from tanks located 70m away and 50m below the collection tank 

- Can be operated by one person, reducing personnel cost 

- Moving sand, mud and silt directly to the collection tank(s) 

- Can simultaneously clean from multiple areas to the same collection unit 

- Can be used for suction of both oil based and water based debris 

- Includes a booster unit for increased lihing capacity from tanks located deep below the collection unit

- Minimizes risk to the quality of recoating of tanks as the tank can be recoated more quickly after sandblasting

- Simple utility interface by electricity, air and rig water requirements only 

- Can be used as an air compressor and be used for emptying of tanks

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The PAG OTCS capacity will depend on the distance from the collection unit to the suction area, the vertical lifting height and 

the viscosity of the material to be removed.

- Maximum horizontal suction length: 70m

- Maximum vertical suction height: 50m with booster unit

- In the horizontal suction mode, typically 4­‐5m3/hr sand and heavy silt can be removed from tanks per operator

- Using two collection units and 3 operators with crane access, typically 12­‐15m3/hr heavy material can be removed


- A similar and simplified system has been in use on North Sea Platforms and rigs since 1992

- Extremely reliable system

- Wear parts have been pump drive chains only

- System cleaning, lubrication and function testing between jobs

- Yearly recertification of lifting gear

- Recoating as required


- Certified for using in Hazardeous Area Zone I

- Certified to DNV/ABS Rules for Offshore Lifting Appliances